Thursday, May 31, 2007

40ft Robot Elephant

For everyone who missed the best thing ever...A 40ft mechanical elephant walks around london picking up cars. In real life. Theres also a two storey tall schoolgirl and a space rocket, if that's not enough for you.

From Baby Panda to Adult Panda

Provides a visual journey through the stages of development of panda baby from the time its born to the time its grown up.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Miss Universe 2007

Miss Universe 2007 - Top 15 final delegates.

Discovery Channel Building with Shark

Discovery Channel is employing some toothy guerilla tactics to market this year's Shark Week.

For starters, Discovery Communications just hoisted a 446-foot-long inflatable great white shark to the top of its downtown Silver Spring headquarters.

The shark marks the return of the Discovery Channel's popular Shark Week series, the 19th year Discovery has aired a weeklong marathon of shark-related shows.

Discovery says this year's Shark Week marathon, which airs July 30 through Aug. 4 with daily premieres at 9 p.m. Eastern, includes seven new shark-focused specials. Last year, about 20.6 million people watched Shark Week, cable TV's longest-running programming event.

As for that gigantic shark in Silver Spring: Discovery says it took 6.65 miles of fabric to create the inflatable fish and 36.7 miles of thread to sew him together. And if it were real, the shark would weight about 84,000 pounds.
Washington Business Jounal.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Massive Zombie Outbreak in San Francisco

Zombie Day in San Francisco (May 25, 2007)

Jason Taylor’s Underwater Sculptures

The Underwater Sculpture Gallery in Grenada, West Indies is a project started in May 2006 by sculptor Jason Taylor, with the support of the Grenadian Ministry of Tourism and Culture. This is a unique artistic enterprise, celebrating Caribbean culture and highlighting environmental processes, such as coral reef re-generation.
The Underwater Sculpture Park also explores the ever-changing relationships of Art and the environment, whilst providing a unique and fascinating marine park for scuba diving and snorkelling.