Thursday, November 27, 2008

Airplane Meals

Till Bartels is a German journalist, who spends most of his life jet-setting between countries. Needless to say, he has had the opportunity to sample all types of cuisine offered by the airlines. Here are some of his food experiences 30000-feet in the air.

Emirates Airlines, First Class Suite Airbus A380
Air Berlin, Economy Class
Air Canada, Economy Class
German Airlines
Continental Airlines, Business First Class
Emirates Airlines, Economy Class
Etihad Airways, First Class
Gulf Air, Business Class
KLM Airlines, Economy Class
Lufthansa, Business Class
Lufthansa, Economy Class
Lufthansa, Economy Class
Martin Air, Economy Class
Singapore Airlines, Business Class A380
Singapore Airlines, Business Class
Singapore Airlines, Business Class
Turkish Airlines
Spain Air, Economy Class
Swiss International Airlines, Business Class
Thai Airways, Economy Class
United Airlines, Economy Class

Carbon E7 Purpose Built Police Car

Carbon Motors is a car manufacturing company that seems to have taken the job of making the perfect police car into their own hands. After they made extensive research including talking with all kinds of law enforcement people they started building the first purpose built police car: the Carbon E7.

The car can sprint up to 65 mph in under 7 seconds via a 300 HP diesel engine and brush-off small arms fire thanks to bullet proof panels. The cars price range will be $20k-$70k depending on options, but with a 250,000 durability spec, suicide rear doors, and more LED lights than a Caddy, it seems worth it.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Phonebook Art

Cuban born artist Alex Queral has a fascination with the human head, and using materials such as old telephone books. Using just a razor knife and acrylic, he creates extraordinary three dimensional imagery.

Source: Alex Queral