Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Creative ArtWorks by Denis Zilber

Denis Zilber is an illustrator from Ramat Gan, Israel. I really like how he gives the characters in his illustrations their own vivid personality by giving them those amazing gestures and expressions.

From Within..

In some distant land,

A voice beckons.

A voice so pure,

A voice so tender,

Reflects good omens.

It flows towards me,

On a stream of air;

Carrying concern, carrying care;

Riding an invisible horse.

I feel I see it,

Behind my eyelids.

Filtering through the scene,

To fill my being,

With it’d soft murmurs;

I close my eyes,

It alights on my face,

Kisses my ears.

I smile.

I know it’s mine.

Doesn’t come from faraway.

Comes from within.

Comes from deep within.

Comes from Heart.

Gives lessons, speaks smart.

A pity, alas!

It is a voice,

We conveniently ignore,

Knowing we shouldn’t,

It’s humanity’s lore.

Our Hearts have become

Alien terrains to us;

Our brains rule,

Our feeling are shut!

We crave to conquer,

The world, not our soul;

In this conquest,

We become so hollow,

Our Heart’s voice,

We fail to follow.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Make an Invisible Bottle

A great video explaining how to make a bottle invisible. Cool trick.

American Photo Images of the Year 2009

Here are the winners and finalists of American Photo Images of the Year 2009. The winning entries of this competition are divided in different categories such as: extreme, photojournalism, personal works, student works, commercial works, portraiture and nature.

Source: popphoto