Thursday, April 14, 2011

I wanna be in a FLASH MOB!

Greetings readers! Sorry for being M.I.A....again. I'll get it together eventually.

Anyway, during my AHH-MAY-ZING Spring Break (which I will tell you about in greater detail in a soon-to-come post), I was introduced to the phenomenon known as the flash mob. I also had a chance to be a part of one during Spring Break, but unfortunately, I slept through the meeting time and missed out. -______- Haha figures...

Today, I'm gonna show you three examples of what flash mobs do. I would to be a part of any one of these. This is so incredible.

So,WHAT DO YOU THINK?! Pretty awesome, right? They seem like soooo much fun!

Do you have a favorite of these three? Or maybe an order of which type you would want to do from greatest to least? I'd probably want to freeze first, then dance, then sing. Haha :)

I hope you enjoyed this post, and have an awesome day!

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