Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Simple Shoes

Hey, readers! Happy Hump Day! Don't worry, that means Wednesday. If you can make it over the hump of Wednesday, you can survive the rest of the week. Okay. Moving on...

Today, I'm gonna talk briefly about a staple category in my closet that helps me get through everyday life. Kind of...

"Tis the gift to be simple. Tis the gift to be free."

It's fairly helpful to have a group of what I call "simple shoes." These are mine. The colors are black, light blue, dark blue, pink, slate, and white. (They look like that on their heels because I shove them in a thing meant for t-shirts. I usually don't treat my shoes this way. *Shrugs*)

Usually, I'm not the one to talk about how much I paid for something, but this will be an exception. I bought these sneakers at Forever 21 for the incredible price of $5.50 per pair of shoes.

I mention the price, because some people wonder why I have so "many" of the same shoe. Why? They were cheap, and I like that. =)

But anyway, I consider these shoes essential. Do you ever have those times when you don't feel like wearing heels, boots, or oxfords? Ever had a time when a simple, comfortable shoe would do for the day? I do sometimes, and that's why these shoes are so helpful.

I don't wear these as often as I used to, but if I'm in a hurry, or just feel like being Plain Jane, I wear one of my "simple shoes." (The pink ones have received the most compliments out of them all.)

So, that's a little bit of my personal style. I'm a shoe fanatic, so you can look forward to more "Nia's Style" posts in the future.


Have a great rest of the week! Yes, I'm wearing my black simple shoes today. =)

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