Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Tips for black hair

Black is back! Black hair made their comeback on the catwalks this year. Symbol of exoticism and mystery, the raven-haired give strength and character to any face. Provided well hydrated. Here are our tips to display a bright black hair … Warning: femme fatale!
Characteristics of black hair:
Whether wavy, curly or very straight, the hair black are more fragile than it appears. Disability? Under-production of sebaceous glands that make them easy to dry and brittle. Result? The black pigments naturally reflect light and appear bright if well hydrated, otherwise, the color becomes dull and insipid features.
Maintain her black hair: shampoo phase.
> Wash your hair every two or three days with a shampoo gentle special brown hair with nourishing properties.
Our favorite? Shampoo Sheer brilliance nutrition active John Frieda . Its natural extracts of cocoa beans and pearl powder are in light shades of hair chocolate espresso.
> Rinse your hair with warm water, squeeze them gently by hand and complete the action of your shampoo with a conditioner ultra eating the same range. Rub the product over all half-lengths and ends. Facilitating detangling, the conditioner reduces breakage brushing. Leave the place at least 10 minutes while nourishing its assets to penetrate the hair deeply.
> Rinse your hair with warm water and finish with cold water and vinegar to mature to tighten the hair and polish the color .
> Avoid using hair dryers with hot air or flat iron to dry out and break the hair. If you really want to smooth your hair, apply just before a protective and nourishing serum specially adapted to the half-lengths and ends.
Maintain her black hair: Phase care.
> Once or twice a week, take the time to offer your hair a mask Nourishing Argan oil or walnut oil. Apply all of the hair and leave on for at least a quarter of an hour, hair wrapped in a warm towel.
> Do not hesitate to massage your scalp regularly … The massage encourages the production of sebum .
Showcase her black hair: cuts and highlights.
> Highlight black hair can also go through a pretty cut: a dare cut short and asymmetrical as Agyness Denn or, if you value your long, have fun with your bangs . The idea? Break the sad side and stiff hair very dark.
> If you want to create a set of reflections in your jet-black hair, opt for discrete strands which will be based entirely on your color . To give light and density to your color , you can also try a color without ammonia, tone on tone, to make yourself or salon .
Homemade recipes for black hair
> mask enhancer color : Boil a liter of water a handful of walnut leaves or sage. Let steep, strain and apply to wet hair, already washed. Rinse if necessary.
> gloss rinse: Boil a liter of water a handful of lime, rosemary and lavender. Let steep, strain and add a tablespoon of cider vinegar. Apply to washed hair in final rinse.

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