Thursday, December 8, 2011

Art Made of Human Bones by Francois Robert

Photographer Francois Robert created a series of pictures in which he arranged real human bones into sculptures. It’s entitled “Stop the Violence”, and serves as a warning against the human propensity to kill and destroy. In an interview about his work, Robert explained:
I always have been fascinated with skulls (In my home town in Switzerland, my parents and I were living above a Natural Museum). As I mentioned, I photographed over 140 skulls of animals from the Field Museum in Chicago, and it become a traveling exhibition across the U.S. for 8 years (sponsored by the Museum). In the mid-90’s, during an auction from an old school, I purchased 3 metal lockers and to my surprise one of them held a real, full size articulated skeleton. For years I had it displayed in one of the rooms in my studio and I often wondered what else I could do with it. Finally the idea came to me to explore the idea of disassembling the skeleton and rearranging the bones, and from that process came the series “Stop the Violence”.

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