Monday, March 28, 2011

On the RaidR

BARE WITH ME GUYS! I'm going through a lot of crazy stuff right now, making it difficult to stay on the blogging grind. Hopefully, I can get it together soon...

Meanwhile, a singing group, by the name of RaidR, just recently formed, and I felt like I could do a post to promote them (and give you something to read).

Taken from RaidR's Facebook fan page:

In an industry inundated with manufactured talent, it’s hard to find artists with star quality in their blood. For the three Riley sisters, that notion is the furthest from the truth. RaidR, comprised of Deja, Taja and Bobbie, have all the makings of an international sensation. As the daughters of musical icon, Teddy Riley, the trio learned from a young age that while talent may get you in the door, perseverance, ambition and practice is what guarantees longevity. Growing up in Virginia Beach, VA allowed the trio to live a life outside of the spotlight, in an environment where these three qualities were ingrained and instilled in them. While they spent most of their young lives focusing on dance, they knew a career in music was their destiny. After working alongside the likes of Denise Wall, Debbie Allen, Janet Jackson, Laurie-Ann Gibson and Lady Gaga, the trio decided it was time to focus their talents on themselves. RaidR, created at a cafĂ© in North Hollywood, CA, is a true reflection of each of the girls’ personality: Deja’s sexy and sultry R&B vibe, Taja’s vintage/punk rock style, and Bobbie’s bubbly pop sweetness. After years of honing their vocal and songwriting skills, they’re ready to raid the industry with music that crosses multiple genres and appeals to a variety of listeners. Get ready world, RaidR is on the scene.

So, here is RaidR's first single called "ATM".

I think the song is good for a first single. What do you think?

If you like them, support them on Facebook:

Have a good week!

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