Wednesday, June 1, 2011

You've Got Me Spinning Now...

First, I would like you to enjoy this illusion of a spinning wheel. Let me know if it works for you! (Try looking away while not looking away)

Most of you know that my schedule has been a little hectic lately to say the least, but these past two weeks have been hades.

I've never been on a crazier schedule in my life! We're talking going to bed at 6am and waking up at 9am. I mean, this is simply ridiculous!

The reason for all of this stress and lack of sleep? The end of my school year. Everyone in my class has been done for the past two weeks now. But me? Ohhhh no. Why? Because last year, I decided to cram two school years into one school year.

"WHAT?! You did it in THREE years?!" Yes. I was blessed enough to be given the opportunity to do so, but I feel like this would have gone sooooo much easier if my summer of 2010 wasn't so...eventful.

I signed up for two online classes this past summer, and I started off just fine. In the midst of the traveling across the country and stuff, I was somewhat keeping up with the class in the beginning. But in July, while I was at a conference in Atlanta, Georgia, my great-grandmother became very ill. I was supposed to go to Barbados for a party later that week, but I ended up going to Queens, New York for a day with my sister, Aliya, then I stayed in Connecticut for the rest of the week until my great-grandmother passed away.

This is when the schedule was just screwed. After my great-grandmother's death, my family reunited, and we were in New York for a week frantically trying to put a funeral program together. It really wasn't a good week. Too many sad, bad, and angry emotions flying around.

Along with that, my grandmother's house didn't have internet, so I couldn't get online. There were very few times when I could slip away to Starbucks and do some work.

That was the biggest thing that caused my summer classes schedule to be thrown off track...leading to the incompletion of those classes.

So the beginning of this year was a struggle, because I had extra stuff. With the regular stuff, violin, and everything else, piling extra classes was extremely unfortunate.

That's why this past year has been all about school and music. And I guess this blog :)

No sports. At all. I couldn't fit it into my crazy schedule. That wouldn't work, which was really sad, because I love playing sports. Maybe that's why I'm in the gym so much now...gotta stay fit.

Time to fast forward...

So anyway, I travel very often. Recently, I've left town at least once a month. So, that doesn't help me get work done. I'm not sure if any of you have ever taken an online class before, but I find it more difficult than going in for a lecture or whatnot, simply because it's not in your face. Of course, there's an advantage of doing things at your own pace, but for me, if it's not in my face and I don't care for it that much, it's easy for me to forget about it in the midst of other stuff I have to do.

That's what happened.

Of course, I was NOT going to fail three classes all at once, so I spent these past two weeks doing about a semester's worth of stuff for three classes.


Yes. I realize I brought this upon myself. Let this be a lesson to you all NOT to procrastinate in anything. It sucks at the end of the line.

Today is the deadline, and thankfully, I've been blessed to complete everything at 6am this morning.

Unfortunately, I won't be able to fully rest and re-cooperate, because I have a bunch of family and friends coming from out of town. Along with that, I'm hosting a 24 hour party this Sunday, and I have a bunch a mess to do next week.

Rest won't come for me until the 8th of June. -_______-

I hope you enjoyed this post! Until next time...

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